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I'm an entrepreneurial product manager who is design & growth focused. Currently leading Swiggy’s payments-led-growth initiatives. Have launched from scratch & scaled (to 1M+ MAU & 25% org revenue) AgroStar’s flagship farmer-facing app earlier. I’ve worked on problems across different product stages in 4 domains: agri-tech, food-tech, strategic partnerships & payments/fintech. I enjoy traveling, reading, and thinking about delicious food.

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Work Experience

Swiggy (May 2021 - present)

AgroStar (2015-'21)

TresVista (2015)

Internship: Law Pundits (2014)


🏫 BITS Pilani (2011-2015)

Other Projects & Experiences: A chosen few

Learning: MOOCs & Audit Courses

Memories and memoirs

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